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Type of Programme: Policing

Career Opportunities:

  • Metropolitan Traffic Officer
  • SAPS Officer
  • Forensic Expert
  • Private Investigator
  • Security Personnel
Duration: 1 Year
Accreditation: SASSETA
SAQA ID: 59989 Enquire Register
Course Description:

This qualification wil contribute tothe setting of standards in the resolvig of crime sectors and will enhance the ability of professionals within the sector.  This qualification will equip learners with the abilities and competencies needed within the sector.  This qualification will provide learners with elective areas in which learners will be able to specialise such as commercial investigations, private investigations, organised crime investigations and violent crime investigations.

Resolving of crime can be undertaken by the South African Police Services throgh one of their many units or by corporate and/or organisations prior to the involvement of the South African Police Services.  This qualification will enable these learners to have common competencies which will make them mobile across the employment secotr in this regard while still addressing the needs of various sectors through the elective component of the qualification.

Learners will be able touse investigative principles and techniques, interview persons, gather and collate information,understand and apply evidencehandling and colection techniques, present evidence and demonstrate recovery techniques.  The learner obtaining this qualification will be abe to enance service delivery to the internal and external clients that will endeavour to enhance satisfaction and trust.  Qualified learners will be able to exercise their investigative responsibilities in accordance with the Constitution of SA as well as relevant legislation.

These learners will be able to:

  • Apply legal prescripts to an investigation
  • Interpret and present information in order to solve a crime or incident
  • Apply investigative methods and techniques within a structured scenario

  When learnes have successfuly completed this qualification they will qualify to register for the National Diploma: Policing  (2nd year)

Admission Requirements:
  • Senior Certificate
  • Communication at NQF Level 4
  • Mathematical Literacy at NQF Level 4 
Course Outline:

First Semester

Police Law 1:

  • Apply principles of law of evidence
  • Apply provision of the Criminal Procedure Act
  • Apply the general principles of Criminal law

Investigation 1:

  • Conduct preliminary investigations
  • Attend to an incident
  • Investigate a crime or incident

Function in a Team:

  • Administer a case file
  • Present evidence in a court of law

Second Semester

Manage Informers:

  • Manage informers
  • Manage crime intelligence practices
  • perform witness support activities

Investigation 2:

  • Conduct an investigation interview
  • Handle suspects in the investigation

Personal Management:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of stress
  • Demonstrate the application of performance management



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