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These qualification are accredited with The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (The ICB). The full qualification will have at least 12 modules. You can progress from junior level to a senior level for the maximum period of 3 years:

Course Details

Certified Junior Bookkeeper – CJBIcb (SA):

Completion of the monthly bookkeeping function to trial balance. The Accounts Clerk Function.

Debtors Clerk Function
Supplier statement reconciliation
Inventory systems and bank statement reconciliation
Payroll Clerk Function from a bookkeeping perspective including calculation of PAYE/SDL/UIF remuneration and the monthly EMP201 returns
Completion of annual IRP 5, IRP 6 and IT 3a documents, EMP501 and VAT201 return using both the manual submission systems and E-Filing.
Junior Tax Administrator(JTA) status as a member of the SAIT being permitted to complete SARS return other than income tax assessment returns.

Certified Senior Bookkeeper – CSBIcb (SA):

Completion of the monthly and annual bookkeeping function.
Junior and Assistant Accountant Functions.Skills for depreciable asset disposal, year-end adjustments, preparation and analysis of financial statements for sole proprietorships, partnerships, close corporation, companies and a thorough understanding of cash flow statements.
Completion of basic management accounts and a working knowledge of cost accounting; including knowledge of breakeven analysis, cost-volume-profit analysis, advanced costing, budgeting and standard costing, financial management and business ethics.
Assistant Tax Technician (ATT) status as a member of the SAIT and permitted to complete SARS returns other than income tax assessment returns.

Certified Technical Financial accountant- CTFAIcb (SA):

Accounting Technician function.
Ability to operate with management in an accounting environment Comprehensive knowledge of bookkeeping, financial accounting, management accounting, personal and business taxation, business law and accounting control.
Thorough knowledge of personal and business taxation and of the income Tax Act, the calculation of taxable income for both individuals and business, the skills for the completion of income tax returns as well as the ability to provide advice to clients and be current on South Africa income tax Calculation and collection.
Working knowledge of business law and accounting control (the audit function), including basic contract and insurance law, insolvency law, internal and computer auditing.
Certified Tax Technician (CTT) status as a member of the South Africa Institute of tax Practitioners with a tax practitioner's number allowing him/her to complete monthly and annual SARS returns on behalf of a client.

List of Qualifications:

National Certificate: Bookkeeping: NQF 3 (SAQA ID: 58375 ).
Further Education and Training Certificate: NQF 4 ( SAQA ID: 58376 )
National Diploma Technical Financial Accounting: NQF 5 (SAQA ID: 36213 )
National Certificate Small Business Financial Management : NQF 4 ( SAQA ID: 48736 )

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